Creating A Constitution Of The Declaration Of Independence Essay

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Creating A Constitution The major theme of this video is that it is never impossible to build a powerful nation if we have a strong person with leadership goals of looking out for the country and its people. Each of us today praises only one person “Thomas Jefferson” for the Declaration of Independence. But, our history shows that there are efforts of many people who faced many conflicts and compromises such as slavery starting from the Articles of Confederation, setting a Constitution till Declaration of Independence. George Washington, the United States first president fought to change the first Constitution, the Articles of Confederation in which each state has operated as an independent country with no president or judicial branch into a strong Constitution with three branches, none of them having too much power. They brought up the value of currency, right to vote for every citizen and amendments to build a powerful nation that we have today. Under these twelve implemented amendments, ten of them were collectively known as Bill of Rights that guarantees individual protections as citizens, including the right to speech, freedom, religion and many more. With these, today we are enjoying the liberty and have ability to address the legal issues faced in the health care by eliminating all conflicts for the right to health care with their extraordinary framework and principles. Another great effort made to resolve the issue of government executive branch from having two…

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