Creating A Climate Of Respect Essays

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The article, I chose is titled Creating a Climate of Respect. The title of the article sums up what Mr. Cohen, Mr. Cardillo and Mr. Pickeral believe about classroom climate. As a team they have created four main goals in order to reform school climate; create democratic communities, support students and teachers, ensuring safe schools and, promoting student engagement. After reading this article I feel that if I start my year off following these four basic goals I will be able to have a very positive classroom climate. One of my favorite quotes from this article is, “Respect doesn’t happen in isolation.” I completely agree. In order to build respect you have to first show respect. This goes back to the “Golden Rule” you are taught when you are younger, do to others as you would want done to you. In order for us to get respect from students, we must first show them respect and the best way to do that is to build a relationship with them. Express interest in their wants and needs, make them feel safe talking to you. In my classroom the first weeks and all through the year we will build respect and relationships. This will help build a positive classroom climate. The article goes on to talk about how in schools today we only hear the voice of student’s scores on math, reading and science scores. We need to in turn hear the students voice on all issues. A classroom should be run much like a democracy. Each child’s voice is heard and respected as long as they do the same for…

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