Crayon Interiors Case Study

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Organisation Chart Having an organisational chart in place enhances coordination in the activities of the members of a group and simplifies control over resources ( At inception, Crayons Interiors will have 8 employees. The internal structure of the organisation will be as follows: Chairperson/ Controller: Akhila Nehumri will have the chief control of the LLC. Since her teenage years, she has been passionate about Interior Designing and has been following the field very closely. She is creative, with a vivid imagination and the ability to put down her thoughts/imagination on paper. Colours excite her and as sky is the limit when it comes to designing kids’ themed spaces, designing rooms for kids is her forte. Owning …show more content…
And specialising in kid’s space is affected by this aspect even more, as the child may outgrow the theme chosen for his room back when he was toddler. So, the parent may find investing time and effort in designing the child’s room to be a waste of resource. However, Crayon Interiors designs furniture in such a way that everytime the parent wishes to re-design the child’s room, 50% of the same furniture may be reused with a little refurbishing. Moreover, the target customer base of Crayon Interiors is the upper middle …show more content…
They are aware of the trends and are open minded enough to change and adapt themselves according to the changing preferences of the client base. Also, the project management team comprises of experienced and certified designers who can turn around a perfect combination of client’s requirement, practicality and feasibility of the design, with their unique touch of creativity and elegant furnishing designs.
Location: Crayons Interiors is incorporated at Los Angeles, California. With around 47% of the population in Los Angeles and the neighbouring cities falling under the upper middle class category, there is no doubt about the existence of demand in aplenty for designing the interiors of kids’ spaces. Also, Los Angeles is home to a strong interior designing network that connects designers with the suppliers of furnishings, accessories, wood, etc.
Service Differentiation: Crayons Interiors designs kids’ spaces in such a manner that:
• Crayons Interiors has the ability to bring to life a theme chosen by the client, in an impressive yet elegant manner. Crayons Interiors ensures ‘exclusive’ and ‘unique’

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