Detective Graham Theory

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According to eighteenth century poet, Alexander Pope, “A work of art that contains theories is like an object on which the price tag has been left.” The interpretation perceived from this could be, due to there being theories throughout the movie Crash, the audience was better able to completely understand the movie. As well as, the viewers were able to formulate a judgment of if Crash was worth indulging. Each of the complex scenarios in the movie contained diverse theories, that ranged from Feedback in the Detective Graham and his Mother scenario, through operant conditioning, in the Locksmith and his family, and finally to dependency with officer Ryan and his father; this paper will explain how each of the theories radiated through the different schemes of the movie plot.
Detective Graham and His Mother There are several theories that Detective Graham and his mother’s relationship fit. The three most
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After which, he receives feedback from his partner, Ria, regarding the way he treats his mother, due to the fact that he speaks negatively and says impolite comments to his mother. The viewer can infer that he speaks as if he does not have time for his mother or that he is better than her. Feedback is “a system’s receipt of information from an outside source about its own performance or behavior” (Daniels, 2015). Ria says that if she were his father, she would “kick his ass” (Haggis, 2005). This is the viewer’s first introduction to Detective Graham’s mother, as well as their relationship. The combination of Ria’s question, “why does he always keeps people at a distance” (Haggis, 2005) and Detective Graham’s, comments later such as “he was raised badly” (Haggis, 2005), shows that he has resentment towards his mother, which is maybe why he does not visit her as

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