Crash: Character Analysis of Officer Hansen Essay

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The movie Crash is an interesting look at a variety of perspectives regarding the interaction and socialization of several different groups of people and how sometimes their intentions can be misconstrued. In the movie, Officer Hansen proves to be a specially interesting character. Hansen is a white male who seems to have grown up in a fairly typical environment and doesn't stand out from the normative views of an individual coming from his social grouping. Unlike his partner Officer Ryan, Officer Hansen tries his best to set aside his differences with out groups and choose to treat everyone equally from the beginning and one of the main opening conflicts in the film is geared towards Officer Hansen feeling that his partner is taking …show more content…
The next major event that Officer Hansen was apart of, involved being called to the scene of a disturbance involving a black car hijacker, and the husband of the wife his partner had violated a few days before (Cameron). This event is a pivotal point in the psyche of the officer. Previously Hansen had felt that Cameron was an upstanding citizen and that he was just a normal guy like he himself, not to be treated any better or worse, and that they both adhered to the same social norms. When Hansen arrived on the scene of the call, he finds Cameron virtually crazed, and acting in a manner generally associated with stereotypes of black men who steal cars and are sometimes involved in shootings. Finding Cameron acting in such a state seemed to take a toll on Hansen, as he no longer had this idea of an upstanding citizen in his mind. Officer Hansen did try to fix the situation, he seemed to be attempting to make amends for the events of the night before because he felt guilty and partially responsible, although he was not directly and did not condone the actions of his partner, and in some way he seemed to be trying to balance out the inequalities in life that had recently come before his eyes. This is the key turning point in the movie for Hansen, and he

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