Crash And From Rez Life: An Indian's Journey Through Reservation Life

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Which models of ethnic relations are apparent in Crash and “From Rez Life: An Indian’s Journey Through Reservation Life”? Both the film and the text show how bad a race can treats another race just because they believe that they are above one another. In the film one will see that the conflict is just between whites and blacks. In the text one can see that the conflict is between an un-American Indian and Indians. Their are many problems going on in both the film and text but out of the four models of ethnic relations three actually pop out and they are ethnic hierarchy, group separatism and cultural pluralism. In the film there is a scene where a black man get pulled over and his wife gets off the truck without permission therefore the cop …show more content…
The cop thinks that he is above the black man, so he shows him what can be done when one is above another. The main cops partner kept looking at him because he was trying to figure out why he was doing all of that when he can see that the women was feeling uncomfortable and in shock. The partner just kept looking at the cop because he knew he was taking the situation way overboard. In the text they where providing many policies that apply to all types of reservations and how things get taking care of around there. A white fisherman was arrested because he was trespassing on the Red Lake reservation. The white man felt like just because he was white he has the authority to go anywhere he would like and not get punished for it but he had to find out the hard way. Each reservation has their own policy and he just though they did not apply to him. This is an example of group separatism because the white man was not giving the respect towards the policy the reservation had. All the reservations through out time add more and more policies to their reservations because they want to maintain their culture because they know if they don't they will get taken over. There are hardly any Indian tribes anymore so they try

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