Christian De Bergerac Character Analysis

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Christian and Cyrano represent the flip sides of a coin. In other words Cyrano represents complexity with his talent with words while Christian emerges more on the side of simplicity with his good looks. Resulting the coin being the perfect lover. But as the play progresses we notice somehow both of them show a balanced set of qualities. Christian de Neuvilette is an obstinate, physically strong, juvenile baron who just arrived from Gascony and is about to join the cadets. Christian’s main features are his handsomeness and the major factor that will lead him down is his inability to articulate/express his emotions and thoughts.Cyrano de Bergerac is an eloquent, clever, chivalrous, and the romantic hero of our play. But he has a nose the size …show more content…
He willingly renounces a night with Roxane to warn his comrade Lignière of a death risk "I have to rescue Lignière". This not only means leaving Roxane, but also wandering in the streets of Paris in search of all the taverns, actually going in and writing a letter of caution for Lignière, and consequently putting himself in danger. It is quite a big sacrifice for a young man like him but it reveals Christian's nobility. When Rostand as a dramatist moves the play geographically to the battle field, Roxane arrives in her carriage,Christian is one of the men who is majorly concerned about her safety "Why did you come?" by urging her to leave "Immediately!". Despite his emotional reaction when he sees her and the fact that he misses her a lot, Christian willingly orders her to go away when he is clearly aware that he will never see her again. This shows a certain emotional profoundness in him that we readers had not assumed/expected before. Even Roxane, in advance of Christian’s death, says "[he had] a heart deeper than we knew." Cyrano as well has an emotional reaction "If the poor child knew he's starving" by feeling pity for Christian and this scene is illuminated because people are paler and

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