Cramming The Night Before A Test Will Do You More Harm Than Good

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I now know why people always say cramming the night before a test will do you more harm than good. Everything we do is done with our five major senses: Sight, Hear, Taste, Smell, and Touch. Up until now I used to believe that the mind was a recorder and our senses were independent of any other influence besides purely what we come in contact with. I used to think our five senses were objective and allowed us to interpret the world in new ways every time. I was wrong. It is true that we use our senses to interpret life and all the things we come in contact with, however, each time we encounter something our mind does not act as a recorder rather, it attaches meaning to the things based on preconceived notions, one 's culture, expectations, past experiences etc. After reading this chapter, I was made to believe that our sense perception is used to make sense of the world based on our beliefs and culture . That is why the mind makes connections when we acquire new knowledge rather than just storing the information each time. On account of this, whenever a student crams loads of new information the night before an exam, their mind is not given enough time to connect the knowledge with something familiar in their head so they can 't remember it the next day. But then again, if our sense perceptions acquires knowledge through familiarity and already known concepts how do we retain new knowledge, when would we accept truth in a new discovery? Many poems depict the eyes as the…

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