Craig 's Leadership Story Analysis Essays

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Subsequent to spending 12 years working in technical roles for three relatively large corporations (British Aircraft Corporation, Marconi Space and Ferranti) in the UK I witnessed a cultural shock by emigrating in 1982 to Canada working for a relatively small company, COM DEV in Cambridge, Ontario.
Not understanding at that time what cultural shock meant, working for a small company I suddenly had to wear many hats and extend my capabilities beyond the safe haven and comfort zone enjoyed during my twilight years in the UK. Within 3 months and many work hours, I was called into a conference room with 5 others only to be told we are now managers. Having an excitable ego, I was quick to call my parents and share with my wife, Lesley, what I had achieved. Then came reality, Lesley asked me what this meant, what would I be doing differently. Honestly, “clueless” suddenly rippled through my head while dissipating knots in my belly. The next 6 years I spent performing primarily as a technical solver, people were a distant second on the list.
The day my third child, my daughter, was born in 1988, I was awarded the opportunity of developing a new product for COM DEV which grew to a $50/yr revenue business by 2005. Growing with this product I had to build a business unit to sustain a growing business. Actually, as with most new product entries, there are always technical and people problems that loom at hourly intervals. My philosophy at that time was that…

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