Crab Boil By Rita Dove Essay

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In “Crab-boil” by Rita Dove, a little girl is clueless about how African Americans are living, which is why she questions everything throughout the poem. The other narrator is the little girl’s aunt named Helen. She is more secure about who she is and knowledgeable about the racism occurring in their society, which is why she is ideal in answering the little girl’s question. The little girl does not like how reality is set up, which is separation between within races and unfair treatment towards the African Americans. But at the end, just like her aunt Helen, she accepts who she is. In “Crab-boil”, the human relationship is seen as disquietude and troubled between the narrator and society because of the racial segregation and the different views of reality. The human relationship between the narrator and society can be seen as troubled because of the complicated experience the African Americans has been through. The laws that segregated the others from the African Americans show that the relationship with the society is uneasy. In the poem, African Americans have been treated differently. They are the ones who have been segregated from the others. The African American belongs on the other side of the beach from where the narrator and her family were cooking their crabs. They were on the side where they do not belong so they can cook their crabs. They broke the rules, which is why they were rushing. In lines 13-15, the poem states “just as I don’t believe they…

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