Cpt Winters 's The Show Band Of Brothers Essay

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CPT Winters is the obvious leader in the show Band of Brothers. In episode 5 we see his leadership tested in many ways, as a combat leader, as a leader among leaders, and in an administrative role. In each role he handles himself and his men in a manner that ensures success, and is one of the best examples of how a leader ought to act given various situations. We will investigate first CPT Winters himself as a leader in various situations, secondly the men below him in how they respond to his leadership and the situation, and thirdly at the situation holistically, in order to gain a better understanding of what happened and how CPT Winters‘ actions achieved success.
CPT Winters has two significant values, firstly, that of the objective, and secondly, that of his men. It can be clearly seen that he places a premium on mission accomplishment in his handling of various situations. One notable example is the situation at the crossroads, in which he risks himself, and his company in order to take on and defeat an unknown but significantly larger enemy force. He also shows both of these values in the situation with the red devils, when he asks repeatedly about the preparedness of easy company for the mission and about the safety of the company during the lead up to the mission. He is also noticeably concerned during the execution of the mission, again showing the value he places in his men and in mission accomplishment. The Position of CPT Winters is also notable, as we see a…

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