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Laura Davis
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
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Is CPS & APS too involved in minor situations of abuse? How do we know when abuse is minor? Is there any abuse that is considered minor? These questions and more have come to my attention recently and I have been doing my research to gain a better understanding of what these organizations are all about and how they are run. I believe that there are certain times when these organizations did not do what they should have done to prevent or protect those being abused. I also feel that there are too many restrictions on parents today and these organizations are being too harsh in certain situations and not harsh enough in
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Child Protective Services
The State of Indiana has laws set up for child abuse and protective services. There are several laws that I did not know pertained to the general public. I work in the healthcare field and we have to report any abuse of any individual and I could lose my license and lose my chances to work with individuals again. I did not know that these rules applied to the general public, although I should say that I believe every person should feel an obligation to do what is right for others and report any abuse noticed.
Now, I did not know that there was a law in the state of Indiana that reporting abuse of a child is mandatory. If a person believes that there is a child being abused or neglected, that person is obligated to report this to the authorities. This report can be filed anonymously. If a person fails to report the abuse or neglect, it can result in a Class B Misdemeanor. Now, if the person reports the abuse or neglect they are also immune from criminal or civil liability, unless that person acted spitefully. There is also a confidentiality law, which states that only authorized persons are allow to view the reports.
After a report is filed, Child Protective Services must be able to provide the child with protection against further abuse. If it is possible to prevent moving the child out of the home, CPS will take reasonable steps to avoid this. Child Protective Services must also coordinate their efforts with other agencies to

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