Cpoe-Ehr-Implementation Partners Healthcare Essay

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EHR/CPOE Implementation

Executive Summary
This thesis follows the implementation of Computerized Patient Order Entry/Electronic Health Record (CPOE/EHR) system implemented by Partners Healthcare System (PHS) during 2002-2003 for all its constituent practitioners. It looks at the problems faced during implementation of the system and identifies new potential problems that the system may encounter. Particularly in consideration is the effort it takes to convince healthcare professionals to switch to CPOE/EHR, the cost of installing the system, the potential of automating redundancies in the system and the potential of healthcare professionals getting skewed data out of the system suggestions. It looks at the management challenges faced
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This has the potential of creating lost time and financial resources as the system is being essentially designed to save time. Further problems that CPOE/EHR can face include the potential for reliance on computer generated suggestions. Having suggestions being provided to the healthcare professionals by the system based on historical and statistical data analysis has far reaching consequences. It improves the quality of healthcare being provided to the patients however it still has the potential for negative consequences. A mindset may emerge where the healthcare professional believes the software to be error free which may be anything but so. Suggestions made to doctors during diagnosis are entirely reliant on statistical data and historical records which may be plagued with inaccuracies. A healthcare professional that becomes too reliant on the system may ignore personal hesitation towards a certain procedure or medicinal prescription if the system suggests it to be successful.
The main trouble areas encountered by PHS during the feasibility testing included convincing the healthcare professionals to switch to a system where they have to abandon their current practices and switch over to CPOE. For the extent of this case study we shall discuss the fact that Partners HealthCare System had about a third of the doctors involved with the program who were practicing medicine out of their own offices and had no formal relation

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