Cowspiracy Essay

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What the health
Sugar doesn’t cause diabetes; meat does. Meat, dairy products and eggs (and fat) are the cause of diseases. The food we consume can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest kind of poisons.
What the Health is the earth-shattering follow-up film from the makers of the honor winning documentary Cowspiracy. The movie, which is co-coordinated by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn—the makers of another film, Cowspiracy—and co-created by performing artist Joaquin Phoenix. In any case, Andersen's film fails on a few records and wrenches the nourishment fear sirens to untrustworthily abnormal levels.The film was well-intentioned, the combination of subpar research and vastly exaggerated conclusions is
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Meat, dairy products and eggs (and fat) are the cause of diseases. The movie claims that Sugar doesn’t cause diabetes; meat does. Dr. Barnard, “Diabetes is not and was never caused by eating a high-carbohydrate diet, and it’s not caused by eating sugar. The cause of diabetes is a diet that builds up the amount of fat in the blood”. A high-carb count calorie does not add to diabetes, rather is caused by a development of fat in the blood, for example, with a meat-based eating routine. In a gross bending of the World Health Organization's 2015 survey of the connection between prepared meat and cancer, Andersen claims WHO considers bacon to be causing cancer keeping pace with cigarettes and asbestos with regards to causing growth and that eating a day by day serving of the stuff builds your colorectal malignancy hazard by 18 percent..Eating prepared meat — including sausage, bacon, and lunchmeats — increases the danger of colorectal growth, as indicated by a WHO audit of the available research. However, the well-being impacts are not so huge as Andersen proposes. A 2017 animal study found that conventional chicken increases growth, cholesterol level, and hormone imbalance. In fact, scientist concludes commercial chicken meat could lead to the development of the polycystic ovarian syndrome. As stated in the movie eating an egg daily is as bad as smoking Five cigarettes …show more content…
The documentary was very well presented and featuring and highlighting several prominent plant-based advocates. Watching a movie like this may be informative to people as it features emotional testimonials and selected scientific studies. This documentary gives everyone ‘wake up’ and takes a real hard look at what they were eating – which is a good thing. I think most of the people will enjoy the

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