Cover Wetlands And Floods : A Huge Part Of My City 's Background And History

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Wetlands and floods are a huge part of my city 's background and history. For the Fieldtrip Report, I chose to cover wetlands and flooding, found in chapters 11 and 12. The reason I chose to cover these topics is because of where I live and how relatable this research is to me. Just down my road, we have a major wetland that not many people visit, or know about. When Norwegen settlers came, they filled in most of the wetlands in the area. This made it so they were able to make a town and farm on a larger scale. Because of the creation of the dike and the positioning of the town, Stanwood experiences many floods every year. I chose to cover these topics to raise awareness of how important wetlands are. This is none the more apparent in Stanwood where the founders had to jump through many hoops to fix their mistakes.
.When choosing a place to have my field trip it was easy because I live right next to a wetland. To find this place behind the Warm Beach Camp you would have to take many winding trails that might leave you lost if you weren 't shown or told the way. Getting to the wetland from the street you would take a road called Soundview Dr and take a right on another road called Beach Drive. If you chose to drive, at the end of the road you can park at the gate on the lawn of a neighbor. Once going through the gate you are met by an abundance of beautiful foliage, evergreens, deciduous trees, and nature. After walking up the small path, you will come to a steep descent…

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