Courtship And Marriage Are Zeniths Of Development Essay

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Courtship and marriage are zeniths of development in the last twenty years. Courtship allows children to practice roles and virtues that are important in marriage while marriage permits children to practice the roles and virtues that are crucial and significant in eternal life. Therefore, courtship and marriage are two different things (Crapo, 1981). However, most of the people confuse between courtship and dating. The two terms are independent of each other. They all have different practices. The church encourages courtship in its youth. It also discourages dating in Christianity. The reason for presence of the church ruling between courtship and marriage is expandable. Therefore, there is a great difference between courtship and marriage (Grey, 1995). However, the two are the methods of beginning relationship with people of opposite sex.
Dating allows people with the opposite sex spend time together on their own without the family intruding into their relationship. It is accommodated by a series of physical intimacy. It makes Christians avoid dating because it is involved in physical intimacy. In Christianity, dating should be important when the two parties are ready for marriage and it should include physical intimacy (LeMasters, 1957). This is only applicable when the two partners ready for dating are believers in Christ. It is because marriage cannot be successful when the partners are not believers of Christ. Light and darkness cannot mix (Crapo, 1981). They will…

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