What Is An Example Of Classroom Observation

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I observed Courtney Beggin’s 3rd grade class at Mitchell-Neilson Elementary. Mitchell-Neilson Elementary is a Murfreesboro City School that implements Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in their culture and curriculum. The Mitchell-Neilson websites says, “We believe in differentiating instruction by integrating leadership language into our daily instruction as we help our students become the best readers, writers, thinkers, and LEADERS they can be!” The school set up a Response to Instruction and Intervention framework which is called SWARM.
My first day of observing was on April 12th 2016. It was difficult to focus on the students while Ms. Beggin’s was teaching. By this point in the year, most students understood the expectations
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Six out of sixteen students were diverse. Students were constantly paired into different groups in seating, circle, and group work. The desks were in three groups. While group one consisted of eight students, group two consisted of two students, and group three consisted of six students. Group one seemed to be consistently on track, group two had behavioral issues, and group three seemed to be a little slower on grasping newer concepts. The students were not aware that they had been separated into levels. I noticed that they all love to fidget and pick their nose. One girl in group two met me in the hallway as I was walking in and said, “ I’ll walk with you to class” This was only my second day and Ms. Beggin didn’t even introduce me! I smiled and she said, “I go to a counselor to talk about my feelings and I had a lady but she had to quit her job so I have a boy now” I smiled and said “That’s good”. The same girl caused a lot of disruptions throughout my …show more content…
Ms. Beggin dealt with the incident discreetly, however, it took up 30 minutes of SWARM. She never left me alone with her students throughout my visits. During this interruption, the students became talkative but were overall focused even with Ms. Beggin out of the room. One girl from group three came up to Ms. Beggin’s desk to ask her question about some individual work. Ms. Beggin had the definition already pulled up on her phone before the girl approached her so she read the definition off of her phone and the girl sassed back, “Did you just look that up?” Ms. Beggin responded, “We’re not talking about my work, are we? We’re talking about your work. Now that’s the definition…” We shared a smile and she moved onto helping other students. My last day of observing was the third Thursday of the month. On the third Thursday of each month, Mitchell-Nielson Elementary and Mitchell-Nielson Primary do a school wide student run morning announcement. It was chaos but really fun to get out of the class and see the whole school some together. The kindergarteners hosted the meeting and it was surprising to see Kindergarteners up on stage being

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