Court and Trial Essay

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Учреждение образования «Брестский государственный университет имени А. С. Пушкина» Кафедра английского языка с методикой преподавания

М. В. Гуль

Практикум по английскому языку Для студентов 4-го курса гуманитарных и педагогических специальностей (специальность 1-21 06 01-01, современные иностранные языки специальность 1-02 03 06, иностранные языки (английский, немецкий))

БрГУ имени А. С. Пушкина Брест 2009


УДК 372.016 : 811.111(076) ББК 74.268.1(Англ)р Г94

Рецензенты: Кандидат филологических наук, доцент кафедры иностранных языков технических специальностей БГТУ Д. В. Новик Зав. кафедрой кафедрой иностранных языков второй
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GPA (Grade Point Average), the SAT (the Scholastic Aptitude Test), the ACT (the American College Testing program), Achievement Tests (ATs) Major subjects, to take a course, to fail a course/flunk a course, a diploma, or a certificate of graduation, national curriculum, termBrE/semesterAmE. Admission to, admission examination, applicant, to enrolBr/enrollAmE at a university, to set one‘s own admission requirements, competition for the better universities. High-school/college graduate, undergraduate, freshman, sophomore, fraternity, sorority. To be sponsored by the state, to be sponsored privately, endowment funds. Campus, to charge a fee for tuition, to reduce tuition fees for state residents, to opt for getting financial assistance, the distribution of money allocated for student support, income exceeds a cut-off line for financial assistance, to apply for student loans, to get/obtain a tuition waiver, to receive scholarship, financial aid program, to work at part-time jobs ―on campus‖. Academic advisor, dean, faculty member, Bachelor of Arts (B. A.), Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.), Master of Arts (M. A.), Master of Science (M. Sc.), GTA (graduate teaching assistant), GRA (graduate research assistant), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) To defend a thesis, to award a degree/confer the final academic degree on a student, defense of a doctoral dissertation, graduate school Ex. 1. A. Explain the difference between the given types of educational establishments (nursery school,

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