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Court Visit On November 29, 2011, I had the opportunity to go to Los Angles Superior Court and was able to sit and observe during a Preliminary Hearing. The case that I sat in was about a rape case in which a young girl of approximately twelve years old said that her grandfather, who was about sixty years old would sexually touch her and do certain things to her everytime she would go over to her grandparents house. The prosecutor asked the young girl a serious of questions such as “At one point were you scared to go back to your grandparent’s house because you knew what your grandfather would do to you.” I was dumbfounded when she answered “I was not scared, but I would get mad at my mom when I asked her if I can go
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On the left side of the judge, was the witness stand, where they young girl told her story as to what her grandfather would do to her. Across the witness stand sat the Court Reporter, whenever the witness, judge, or attorney would speak, the Court Reporter would quickly type every word that came out of each of their mouths. Once the trial started, the courtroom was given full respect from the point when the judge walked in until the very end of the trial. The bailiff went into the holding stalls and brought out the defendant. The defendant was very serious, and he had a guilty look on his face and it looked almost as if he wanted to cry because he was so ashamed to what he had done. When the victim took the witness stand she was very jittery, because she could not sit still. You were able to tell she was very scared because as she talked her voice was somewhat shakey. As the prosecutor asked the victim questions, the judge was well aware of the types of questions that were being asked to her. Judge Richard M. Goul made sure that she understood the question that was being made to her. If she did not understand the question, she did not have to answer unless the prosecutor made it more clearly from there the judge overruled it. In my opinion, I do believe the accused was treated fairly because he was treated innocent until proven guilty. He had his public defendant sitting next to him throughout the entire

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