Court Administration And Legal Defense Of Theu.s Essays

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Court administration and legal defense of the U.S:
Court Administration of the U.S. includes aspects such as court budget management; authorize appellate procedures and rules of court trails, studying court performances, provide educational programs for judges, and review judicial matters dealing with discipline (, nd). The U.S chief justice, along with 26 judges, composes the Judicial Conference. The Judicial Conference has the main responsibility and authority in making policy pertaining to the judicial branch operations, and administrative duties to the courts. Federal judges compose multiple committees that assist the Judicial Committee, in making suggestions by studying parts of the federal court system (, nd). The Judicial system has three administrative agencies, which are the Administrative office of the U.S courts (deals with daily court operations), the Federal Judicial Center (provides education and training programs and conducts research), and the U.S Sentencing Commission (creates sentencing guidelines for judges). The Supreme Court’s Chief Justice selects state’s court administrative office directors. The Supreme Court has administrative authority over most states, and is assisted by an administrative office (, nd). Unlike the Bolivian court administration, the U.S. court administration provides judges with continual education, whereas the Bolivian court administration does not.

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