Course Syllabi- History of Graphic Design Essay

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Course Title: History of Graphic Design
Course Number: AH315
Department: Liberal Arts
Term: FALL 2013
Room Number and Time: 125 / Fridays 3:15-6:00pm
Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: LA 1210122, LA 125-126, and AH 210211 or consent of instructor

Instructor Name: Paul Mazzucca
Instructor Contact Info:
Instructor Office Hours: TBD


History of Graphic Design is a critical contextual research and survey study of the intents, influences, practices, and artifacts of graphic design. The course will be structured on readings, research, and visual presentations on subjects of designer activities throughout history with an emphasis on the broader historical context of the planning, production,
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In-class and on-line participation in the form of response and discussion and will be expected and recorded. A final research project on the relatedness of the topics of historical practice presented to the practices of a contemporary designer or design firm/group will be in the form of a research paper.
(8-10 pages minimum)

You will be allowed two absences without additional penalty - although you are responsible for any work that is missed. The third absence will result in the lowering of an entire letter grade from the computed final grade. A fourth absence will result in a final failing grade of F. Missing 30 minutes of a class period (during any part of the scheduled classtime) counts as an absence. Frequent tardiness (less than 15 minutes) will accumulate to absences (3 tardies =1 absence)

Number of hours students are expected to work outside of class:
This class meets for three hours per week, and six hours of work outside of class are expected. (3 credits)


• Weekly Research Assignments timely completion / in-class presentation preparedness and comprehensiveness
• In-Class participation/contributions
• On-Line participation/contributions
• Final Research Paper

Materials /

• Access to, or ownership of, equipment to scan/photograph

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