Social Work Reflective Study

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This course has revealed the mechanics of social work truly are. This professor took a step back to see how the class would learn the best and get the most out of this introduction class. He wanted us as a class to develop our own personal thoughts about the practice and profession of social work by providing us with information to direct our thoughts in the right direction. Although I knew my future career was going to be in a help profession, this class clarified social work was the best career for me.
The social work profession is a “helping profession that provides opportunities to work with families, individuals, groups, institutions, children, organizations, and communities”(Soloman 2016). The nature of this profession would be helping. Instead of intervening with someone’s personal issues “social workers act as an agent of change”(Soloman 2016). This statement potentially has different meanings to people. To me, the nature of social work involves assisting clients with solving their problems not just solving client’s problems
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This theory “focuses on how diversity and difference shape and characterize human experience and influence identity formation”(Soloman 2016). As social workers we need to access clients needs not their diversity but we still need to take into considerations the clients diverse background because diversity can easily affect a humans experience. As a social worker you need to respectfully interact with a client. If you become unsure about how to address something, simply discuss that with your client so there is no chance of offending them. Also watch what kind of language you are using with each client. Always using language that could never discriminate a client. I feel that this may be difficult for some social workers because there are things that are instilled upon us from a young age that may seem normal to yourself and your family but may be offensive to someone

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