Courage By Harold Schechter And Jonna Gormley Semekis Essay

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Courage to Pursue Your Goals Courage is the ability to do something out of your comfort zone that you know is difficult or dangerous. Discoveries, edited by Harold Schechter and Jonna Gormley Semekis, contains many stories written about characters going on a quest. These characters could be on a quest to find their personal call, could be on a journey with many obstacles in their path, or could be on a quest to find a type of treasure. There are many important characteristics that these individuals possess on their quests, such as motivation, determination, honor, and courage. One of the most prevalent characteristics in these stories is courage. Courage is a characteristic that is present in “A Worn Path,” “Through the Tunnel,” “Paul’s Case,” and “The Revolt of ‘Mother’” because they show courage for themselves or for others and work hard to obtain their treasure. Some of the characters of the aforementioned stories show courage for other characters in the story while on their quests. These characters do not care if they go through hell and back as long as they get what they desire. In the story “A Worn Path,” an elderly woman, Phoenix, is on a quest to get some medicine for her grandson. Her grandson accidentally swallowed lye when he was younger and has trouble swallowing since. Phoenix has trouble seeing and has to use a cane to help her walk, but this does not hinder her on her quest as she goes through the woods, up and down hills, through a barbed-wire fence, and…

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