Courage As An Emotional Proficiency And With The Complete Absence Of Fear

2242 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 null Page
Mark Twain once stated, “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.” In our everyday lives, the asset of the term courage does not receive much attention. Now, individual people define the term courage in many ways. Many people in the world highly have the desire to acquire courage. Many of those in society define the act of courage as an emotional proficiency and with the complete absence of fear. However, courage more of a mental skill and not just simply the absence of fear, but it is the willingness to accept fear and recognizing failure and is still able to stand up. When people hear the term courage, they think that it is taking action without any fear. Society thinks this way because that is how courage is often portrayed. Having courage is the time when one embraces the fear and continue to strive forward anyways. Fear will never disappear completely, thus waiting for fear to dissolve completely will, and can paralyze one. Therefore, courage is something that everyone wants and something that most have already but does not realize it. For instance, most people state that they do not have courage because they still feel afraid. They do not realize that having fear is still being courageous. Moreover, most people in society portray courage as a quality specifically reserved for the soldiers, firefighters, law enforcements, and activists. However, courage can be discovered within every human being. There are many fears that will hold a…

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