Couples Strengths and Weaknesses Essay

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Case Study 2: Steve and Cindy

Martial disagreement is typical within marriages. All couples have a difference of opinions in situations in their lives together. Marital conflict is not a matter of a difference in opinions. Marital conflict stems from a development of unfortunate series of circumstances that have caused a rift in the unity of the partnership of the marriage. The source of marital conflict consists of issues that have boiled up to the point of a severe lack of communication. When married couples stop communicating with each other, they grow farther apart in their marriage. If married couples have the opportunity to identify the causes of marital discord, they will develop healthier ways to resolve the complex
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According to Nelson, Kirk, Ane, and Serres (2011), “the sense of moral commitment within a marriage is the idea that God’s purpose is to keep marriages together for life, and that with the exception of the relationship violence, divorce is not an option. “So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate” (Matthew 19:6, ESV). This verse is crucial to understanding the partnership of marriage being a spiritual bond that is sealed by God. If partners have faith and trust within their relationship with God, no problematic situation or no other person will interfere with their divine union. The second and third positive levels of agreement that Steve and Cindy had on their couple typology was family and friends as well as roles and responsibilities. On the couple typology scale, Steve and Cindy had a moderately high level of 70 for both categories. In the case study, data shows that Steve generally feels positive about how the couple divides and manage the roles and responsibilities of the marriage. However, Cindy reported that she felt good about how the roles and responsibilities are managed with the marriage, but she is aware of a few areas of concerns that need attention. Strong, DeVault, and Cohen (2007) states that “the failure to complete marital tasks successfully may contribute to what researchers identify as the duration of marriage effect which

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