Couple Interview - Marital Challenges Essay

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I interviewed John and Cindy about their marriage and the challenges they’ve faced together as a married couple. I am encouraged by their relationship and have decided to use their relationship as a model for my second interview. John and Cindy have been married for almost 5 years. In addition to this union, there is McKenna, Cindy’s son. They are a blended family, of course, and are part of the more modern structure of families in our society.
When reflecting upon their ideas about marriage, prior to actually being married, I noticed that Cindy’s outlook was positive. She knew she would be married one day and looked forward to it. Even though she was in a long-term romantic relationship prior to meeting John, that relationship wasn’t
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I brought up the topic of the four stages of love and asked both John and Cindy if they were aware that four stages existed. They both replied no, and I proceeded to explain each stage and ask which one they were in. John feels as if they are still in the infatuation stage, based on his love for Cindy. He doesn’t feel as if the honeymoon has ended because he loves her more each day. Cindy feels the same, but recognizes realistically that they are in the connection stage. She said they have gone through the discovery stage and now focus on staying together and constantly working to better their relationship. While it does still feel new to her, she takes into consideration the challenges they’ve overcome and the challenges that await them in the future.
One of the many challenges couples face is dealing with financial issues. Cindy makes a great living and had done so prior to meeting John. And the same goes for him. But Cindy realized, upon marriage, that John was better at managing finances than she was. After being independent for many years it was an adjustment for her to have someone else make suggestions to her on saving money or cutting back on her spending. However, trusting her husband and seeing the way he managed his own money, she took his advice and is glad she did. They consult on big purchases and realize that not

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