County School District # 2 Improvement Plan Essay

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Comprehensive Examination
Jason D. Fuss
University of Wyoming

Sweetwater County School District #2 Improvement Plan Sweetwater County School District #2 (Sweetwater 2) is in the heart of Sweetwater County, WY. The county is scarred by enormous drag lines that excavate coal used to power energy turbines at a nearby power plant. Sweetwater County is also home to several trona mines. Trona is used in glass, paper, baking soda, and other common household products. The trona mines are not as visible, however they comprise an underground corridor city matching the land mass of Los Angeles. The mines employ approximately 3,500 people, and the majority of the work force is blue collar with many of the high-paying jobs requiring no professional Degree. The other major employer of the county is the oil and gas industry, and much like the mining industry, many of the employees serve in a labor capacity with minimal educational requirements.
The region is approx 5,250 square miles and is located in Green River, which has a population of approximately 15,000. The District operates Green River High School (grades 9-12), Expedition Alternative High School (grades 10-12), and Lincoln Middle School (grades 6-8). The District also maintains five elementary schools within the city limits (Monroe Intermediate, Harrison, Jackson, Truman, and Washington), and three rural schools (Granger, McKinnon, and Thoman Ranch). There are roughly 3,000 students served in the District.…

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