Essay on Country Notebook in India

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Tuong An Co., want to expand its business into India; thus; we need a detail plan to make our penetration into India market. When we do analyze about the Indian cultural and analysis, we find the information that is general in nature, focusing on product categories. Therefore, we will perform the next to parts “Market Audit and Competitive market analysis” and “Preliminary marketing plan”.
In part III, “Market Audit and Competitive market analysis”, the data generated in part III are used to determine the extent of adaptation of the company’s marketing mix necessary for successful market entry to the develop the final step, the action plan. This part concludes some evaluations of the products, the description of our
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The fact that altering production technologies, segregation systems, and market structures across numerous supply channels is generally a formidable task, the suggests that a successful commercialization strategy might need to focus on the consumer. II. The product A. Evaluate the product as an innovation as it is perceived by the intended market 1. Relative advantage
The vegetable oil product of Tuong An Company ,“Van Tho”, not only has quality and nutrient value not lower than the dominating domestic products ( Saffola, Sundrop , Fortune ) but also has comparative price , brings more benefits to local consumers. 2. Compatibility
“Van Tho” are totally competible with the values of existing consumer in India. Moreover, the vegetable oil products are highly appreciate in India edible oil market. 3. Complexity
The product doesn’t require special skill to be used. It is even used easily in cooking or dining. 4. Trialability
Vegetable Oil product is an easy product to offer free trials by giving small amount of oil to customers who want to try it (50 ml) that may encourage its use over other products already established in the market. This will allow consumers to see that “Van Tho” is comparable to others being offered. 5. Observability
The benefits of this product are

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