Country Comparisons Base On Economic Statistics Essay

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Country Comparisons base on Economic Statistics Today, we are living in a world where everything is all about money. The world is drown into greedy of getting what they want from other people. Almost every country in the world has a market system where everyone can trade well and services. However, not every country is the same; you have countries that are the top dogs in the world of economics/economy. For example United States is currently the top dominate country in the world with a strong economy while comparing to other countries that are falling behind such as Ireland. There are many economy aspect you can compared between the two countries ranging from GDP to unemployment rates. There will be some surprisingly alarming facts between the two countries that many people may not know about. Therefore. It is time to find out the truth. Before jumping right into the economics aspects between the two countries. It will be best to know the demographics between the two countries to have a good feeling of knowledge of the two countries. Ireland is a country that is located in the northern Hemisphere of the globe next to its neighborhood United Kingdom which many refers to as Britain. The capital of Ireland is Dublin where its population is currently around 1,024,027 people ("Ireland."). According to central intelligence Agency the current populations of Ireland is at 4,892,305 as of July of 2015. Along with the population growth rate close to 1.25% as of the year 2015.…

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