Countless Events In My Life

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Countless events affect people in different ways that they never would have expected. Having parents around is extremely necessary, especially for a child. It is very difficult to grow up thinking you will ever see them again once they are gone. An event that happened in my life that had an extreme impact was the absence of my father throughout my childhood. Since the impact was extremely large, it caused many changes in my life. If there was a possible way to stop fathers or mothers from leaving, I am extremely positive they would do whatever it takes to do it!
First of all, my mother and my father first got together when she was approximately fifteen years old and he was twenty-four. They fell in love at first sight and a couple a years later
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My grades came back up and I was finally getting over the fact I was never going to see my father again. A couple of tears came out once in a while when he came to my mind, however soon it was all going to be over. My brother never experienced the pain I experienced, occasionally I considered it’s because he was younger and did not understand as much as I did. My father abandoning us was the hardest hill for me to climb and get passed. Till today I still don’t know the reason why he left us, although hopefully one day I will find out, since there has to be an acceptable reason for a father to abandon his children without saying a word.
Moreover, a story that I compare my story with would be “Dog” by Richard Russo. This story was about a boy who always wanted a dog. The boy’s name was Henry, who lived with his mother and father, who slowly split up without him knowing. Henry would bring up the idea of having a dog during breakfast, lunch and even dinner. He would constantly leave books lying around, so his parents would set eyes on them and change their mind about getting him a dog. None of that worked, which just made Henry continue talking about the
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All she asked for him to do was to stop slamming the screen door all the time. Like any typical teenage, Henry stops slamming the door in order to acquire what he wants. He frequently would let the door slam accidently; therefore he would turn back and apologize. Finally, it was time, his father had gone out to get him the dog. After questioning his mother regarding the dog, and not receiving any information, he had come to a conclusion as soon as his father arrived. Henry noticed something had gone wrong, out of all the times he mentioned the dogs, he never spoke to them on the subject of getting a puppy or a younger dog. Instead he received the opposite, as Henry said, “This dog was barely ambulatory” (Russo

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