Counting Crime And Measuring Criminal Behavior Chapter 2 Summary

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Chapter 2, Counting Crime and Measuring Criminal Behavior focuses centrally on what constitutes a crime, how to measure and sort criminal behavior, and the details of crime. The main focus of the chapter is to explore the production and execution of crime. Overall, this chapter was an interesting in it’s exploration of demographics and why certain people are more likely to commit crimes by discussing IQ, gender, race, and other factors.
The first half of the chapter focuses on the ingredients of crime, seven things that must be present in order for a crime to have been committed (Adler, Mueller, Laufer, p. 26). This section was easily the most interesting and thought provoking part of the chapter. Initially, the idea that crimes can and must be measured by these guidelines
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But the ingredients do in fact, come together to complete the picture of a crime. Later in the chapter, the example is given of astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak who was found to have a several weapons and such as a gun and a hammer drill along with easily disposable articles such as gloves and a

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