Counterfeit Products Is Fake And Bad Quality Essay example

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In recent years, E-commerce have been rapidly expanding and consumers are shopping more online than retail stores. Online sites for example: Amazon, EBay, Alibaba, Taobao, Groupon, Rakuten, Walmart, etc. allows independent sellers to sell their products on the company website. Sellers is able to reach more customers with their products and consumers is able to purchase products not available at local stores. As an E-commerce seller, my fashion business generates most of the revenues through international buyers. However, during the past two years my fashion business has been declining; this is due to news reports and online forums stating “Chinese sellers sells fake/counterfeit products” or “Chinese products is fake and bad quality”. I can’t argue that there are some counterfeit products in China, however, I want to address not all sellers and China products is counterfeit and fake. Some sellers, like myself, take pride in our business and I always value customer satisfaction. The problem is, people from around begin to label products from China as “Cheap” because of unethical sellers. As a seller I will start by addressing the importance of this matter and couple of solutions to help identify a solution.
When I first started my E-commerce fashion business in 2012, I was thrilled to be able to design clothes and sell the products to earn revenue. I was doing something I enjoy and earning money at the same time. Recently, as I mentioned earlier, online news and forums…

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