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Terrorism is an act of violence, usually done in the public sphere, which is used to incite fear in a population in order to coerce change in public opinion or a government’s position on an issue. In many parts of the world, groups wage war with their countries, either to separate from the government or to overthrow it entirely. Sometimes these people are treated unfairly by their government, and their struggles are justified. Other times, these groups use violence against both military and civilian targets, terrorizing innocent bystanders to get what they want—these groups are terrorists. Often, though, it is difficult to tell the difference.

Today, several major countries—notably the United States and United Kingdom—are involved in
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Specifically, the committee helps governments find terrorists, improve border control and share information.

Resolution 1373 was followed by the Security Council Resolution 1390, on 16 January 2002. This directly tackled the loopholes in international sanctions against the Taliban, bin Laden and al Qaeda in Resolution 1267.

Currently, the member states are negotiating a 14th international treaty, which would complement the existing framework of anti-terrorism instruments, and also build on the main principles present in recent anti-terrorism conventions. On September 8, 2006, the General Assembly adopted the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, which stressed the importance of the existing international counter-terrorism instruments. Member states pledged to consider becoming parties to them and implementing their provisions.



Militant groups are no different from any other organization, in that they need substantial financial resources in order to function. Terror financing is not limited to individual terror groups. It is an international network drawing on every resource in the global economy, intertwined with money laundering, bogus accounts and skeleton companies.

Generally speaking, there are different and sophisticated methods for financing Islamic terror. The main channels used by terrorist organizations for self-financing and receiving

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