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Countdown is New Zealand’s leading supermarket brand, providing customers with a variety of groceries line.

Countdown has over 160 supermarkets across New Zealand supported by over 18,000 team members. The company delivers customers a choice of more than 20,000 different products in each of stores.

The first Countdown supermarket opened in Northlands, Christchurch at 31 December 1981.
This business was established by Rattrays Wholesale and gained momentum through the 1980s. The Rattrays Wholesale Group included the Rattrays Cash and Carry warehouses, tobacco vans, now known as the Red Arrow Distributors fleet, and the SuperValue group of franchised supermarkets, now operating as
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More branches provide customer with full service and access to their products. 3. Online shopping service. Countdown is the first and only New Zealand supermarket providing online shopping services. Such a service makes customer experiences even more convenient and enjoyable.


1. Relatively higher Price. Compared to its competitors, countdown’s products cost slightly more than its competitors products (for example PaknSave). When there is such a fierce competition in the supermarket industry, countdown’s products price becomes a weakness because consumers can easily opt for similar products but lower price products. 2. Relatively higher cost in labour. Countdown’s salary and wages relating to similar roles are relatively higher than its competitors. Higher labour costmean higher operational costs within the company.


Countdown has a relatively healthy interpersonal relationship within its organization. Higher wages and salaries can contribute towards such a healthy relationship as employees feel that countdown values its staff member and therefore become motivated and loyal. Employees are happier when they are courteous and respectful of one another. Countdown has a well-structured training system that provides new employees with sufficient training prior to them starting their roles.

Q2b – four external environmental factors

1. External Competition. One of the most critical external environmental

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