Counselor Educators And Supervisors Wear Multiple Hats While Conducting Services As A Supervisor

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Counselor educators and supervisors wear multiple hats while conducting services as a supervisor. As a supervisor, it is vital to understand the qualities that each role presents. Within this assignment, I will discuss the three roles I believe to be important within the supervisor role. I will also discuss the challenges that could potentially present themselves while acting as a teacher. Finally, I will discuss the importance of each role and what the literature review reference for future call to actions.
The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) (2009) reported that a counselor educator and supervisor act in roles that range from being a teacher, consultant, mentor and counselor. CACREP also reported that the CES program provide the student-practitioner with the adequate developmental skills to be efficient within these roles. Remley and Herlihy (2016) wrote that a supervisor conducting services under the supervisor role is concerned with both the professional and personal developmental skills of the supervisee. Bjornestad, Johnson, Hittner, and Paulson (2014) stated that a teacher, the supervisor is able to utilize clinical skills used from the field to provide interventions and techniques for the supervisee. This allows the supervisee to be influenced by the material and the clinical intervention from the supervisor to enhance their expertise within the profession. Foss and Protivnak (2009) stated that the teacher…

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