Counselor And Multiculturalism

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Multiculturalism is defined as the preservation of different cultures or cultural identities within a unified society, as a state or nation. When counselors interview clients they must consider all aspects of their client’s lifestyles. They look at the respectful model to make a list of aspects that make your client who they are. The counselor also have to be culturally sensitive to their clients. Counselors have to learn about their lives and try to figure out how to help them.
Counselors should be concerned with creating a multicultural world in interviewing and counseling because they should be aware of their client’s multicultural backgrounds. That way counselors and therapists will learn and understand their client’s distinctiveness and differences. In today’s world counselors will see clients who come from all over the world. They all will have different looks, lifestyles, morals, values, beliefs,
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The RESPECTFUL Model consists of religion, economic class/social class, sexual identity, personal style and education, ethnic/racial identity, trauma/crisis, family background/history, unique physical characteristics and location of residence/ language differences. This model gives counselors questions to ask to get to know their clients better. If I had to come up with a method it would be similar to the respect model yet a little different. BATTER model is the model I would use along with the respect model if I was a counselor. B- Be courteous to your client; make sure you keep multiculturalism in mind, A- Attempt to understand where your client is coming from (background, lifestyles ECT), T- Take time to fully listen to the client to get a clear understanding, T- Teach others about cultural sensitivity, E – Engage in a deep conversation with the client, and R-Remember the respectful model when interviewing. BATTER model would be the model I would use to discuss cultural

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