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Imran Manzoor Level 4 Diploma in Counselling Leeds City College

Assignment Unit Title: M/601/7633 Advanced Counselling Skills 1. Understand the process of a series of counselling sessions
1.1 Identify the stages of counselling sessions
A counselling relationship is likened to being on a journey - a beginning, middle and end (Smallwood, 2013). During the beginning phase the client develops sufficient trust in the counsellor and the relationship ‘to explore the previously feared edges of his awareness’ (Mearns and Thorne, 1988, p.126).
According to Mearns and Thorne (1988) the middle period is characterised by: intimacy, when the client experiences the counsellor as showing complete understanding, trust
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Reviews enable client and counsellor to consider progress allowing clients greater say in designing and amending their own counselling programme (Sutton, 1997). For the counsellor’s part, reviews provide an opportunity to consider feedback about the therapeutic relationship, positive and negative; the counsellor’s approach; whether the client feels their needs are being met and provides information and ideas on how best to use available resources (Elton Wilson, 1997). Praising clients for their effort and commitment to change and a continual, subtle focus on empowering the client can assist them to rely on their own internal beliefs as they progress (Smallwood, 2013). 1.5 Explain the importance of working towards the ending of a series of sessions Working towards an end for each session and, indeed, the long-term therapeutic relationship is an effective way of sticking to boundaries agreed within the contract. This ensures the relationship remains professional and ethical. It gives the client an indication that our time together is coming to an end, and provides them with the opportunity to consider and discuss those most pertinent and pressing issues before the sessions conclude. It is necessary to give the client a time warning when the sessions are nearing completion, especially if the client is starting to disclose something new for the first time. Should the client choose to divulge something of great

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