Counseling Program And Got Accepted Essay

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I applied to the counseling program and got accepted. I had the attitude that I am going to start and if it is something I find too difficult, I will stop. After all, getting a Master’s degree was something on my bucket list that I had pulled out. I was retired and didn’t need a degree for a career.

When I started in the program, spring semester in 2013 I didn’t know exactly what to expect. As a senior citizen, I knew that I would have to compete with students my children age and younger. I was both anxious and excited.

It didn’t take long to get acclimated. All my professors were approachable, encouraging and dedicated to their area of expertise: McDonald, Pruett, Warren, Adamson, Mauk, Whitfield-Williams, Lynn, Schwarze, Chae, Gressman, Hunt. You knew right away that they were there to help you succeed, not fail. Many of my peers and I were repeatedly in the same classes and we got to know each other personally. We became a part of the larger counseling family.

As a new student, I came in thinking that I would learn the majority of the material from each semester. I quickly realized that what you learned in one class would be intensified with each additional class. What I mean by this is, you will hear some of the same information as you progress through the program and the more you hear the same information, it deepens your understanding and enables you to retain it. When you get ready to take the comprehensive exam, you will be prepared without realizing how much…

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