Counseling Minors Essay

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Counseling Minors: Ethical and Legal Issues Involved
Alexandra Martin
Walden University

COUNSELING MINORS: ETHICAL AND LEGAL 2 Mental health counselors have many things to consider when working with clients. Providing services to clients comes with several expectations. Some of the factors which counselors must be aware of include: cultural differences, environmental influences, client expectations, and stages of development which can all play a part in the needs of that particular client. Also included in this group of factors that must be considered are the ethical and legal responsibilities which play a vital role in the
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Depending on the nature of the information, the counselor may discuss with their client the possibility of incorporating the family member into the session to discuss certain information or to discuss why it is important that the information not be disclosed(ACA, A.1.d, 2005). The counselor must be familiar with their state laws regarding parental rights to confidential information and maintain the ethical obligation to their minor client to the best of their ability.
Mandated reporting in cases of abuse/neglect According to Remley and Herlihy (2010) laws reflect that protecting children from abuse or neglect is considered primary before maintenance of the child’s confidentiality. This is often a delicate situation for counselors because it again requires that the counselor disclose the information the child has provided during the counseling session. The informed consent process should include notifying the client of the limitations of confidentiality and the requirement of reporting such information as suspected abuse or neglect or threat of harm to self or others (ACA, B.1.d., B.2.a., 2005).
Possible ethical and legal conflicts It is important that the counselor become familiar with this type of reporting law in their state as it can cause not just an ethical dilemma but legal problems as well. According to Lawrence and Kurpius, (2000) failure to report such

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