Essay on Counseling Issues Among Children Of Domestic Violence

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Four Counseling Issues Most counselors at some point in their career will face difficult issues. Those difficult issues can force a counselor to examine his or her ethics, and morals. Knowing where a counselor stands, and being self-aware will be important as those issues arise. The four counseling issues that will be discussed are Domestic Violence and Children, Mandated Clients, Same-Sex Adoptions, and Right-to-Die issues. Also, to be discussed are the state/region laws that apply to the ethical challenges listed.
Working with Children of Domestic Violence Domestic Violence has become a global societal issue. It does not discriminate. Often the survivor has lost all hope of ever leaving his or her domestic violence situation. With the fear and uncertainty of their lives, the impact on the children is sometimes unnoticed. For children, the silent victims, getting caught up in the cycle of domestic violence can have lasting emotional effects on them. Counselors face a few challenges when working with children of domestic violence. The fact that minors have little to no rights can create an ethical dilemma for the counselor.
Those challenges can range from the child being traumatized, to the parents not wanting the child to reveal certain aspects of the issues in their home to the counselor. An ethical and legal challenge a counselor working with minors may face is disagreement between the client, the child and his/her guardian or parent (Remley, and Herlihy, 2016).

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