Counseling For Justine 's Loss Essay

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Counseling for Justine’s Loss One of the most traumatic events that a couple can suffer is the death of a child. This loss disrupts the entire dynamic of the family. It leaves the parents feelings ripped apart and puts a great amount of tension and stress on a marriage. If you think about it, burying a child goes against the natural order of things. A parent hopes that after a long and fruitful life, his/her child will be putting their cadaver to rest, not laying their young child to rest after a short life. Justine and Erick have been married for a little over ten years and had an 8-year-old daughter named Jade. On Saturday morning, Erick was driving Jade to soccer practice when another driver ran a red light and hit the side of their car. Erick barely made it out alive, but unfortunately, Jade did not make it. Now, Justine exhibits difficultly being located in the same vicinity as Erick and even notices herself wishing Erick would die. Based upon the details of the situation, different counseling plans constructed from the different counseling techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person-centered Therapy, and Gestalt Therapy will be constructed for Justine in order to rectify her anger with Erick and assist her in grieving the loss of Jade.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Because of the death of Jade, Justine must restructure past assumptions she maintained about herself and the world. For this reason, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a fitting form of therapy…

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