Counseling Dialogue Essay

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Counseling Pairs Dialogue Paper I
The client is a 24 year old Caucasian female who has suffered with drug abuse for 7 years. Being that she has been in several rehabilitation facilities and relapsed all those times, she was sent to me. I played the role of the counselor. I introduce myself, explain what I do and my area of expertise, and give the purpose of the session. The client explained to me that she has been in and out of rehab with little success. She wants to overcome her condition but states that it is “so hard” to do. As a counselor, attempt to gather as much information as possible including name, age, some background information, if they have any family, etc. Next, we delve into the client’s abuse problem and why they
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They seem to be the easiest ones to use. I must learn to incorporate and use the other counseling responses in the future.
The verbal responses seemed easier to integrate because they were actually something that was said aloud, and an outward effort was made to say these things. The non verbal cues were a bit more difficult to use being they were not said outright.
Now that I have had a chance to actually conduct an interview, I see I have moderately good interview knowledge and am able to get through an interview in a fluid manner. I felt I was effective and developed a rapport with the client. I still need to work on using verbal cues more effectively, some non verbal cues better, and using all cues more diversely.
Overall, I believe this exercise was very beneficial. Without this exercise I would not have been able to identify areas that I could begin to work on before I am able to practice in the future. I also would not have known what areas I am capable of doing well in. I feel that my partner helped me get an idea of how I can improve my weak points in the area of counselor interviewing. This was an effective exercise that allowed me to apply what knowledge I have gained in my coursework to a counseling session and to be able to help a client using that

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