Counseling : A Unique Specialty Area Within The Counseling Profession

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Counseling children and adolescents is a unique specialty area within the counseling profession (Innerhofer, 2013; Smith-Adcock & Tucker, 2017). The desires of children and adolescents are quite different and incomparable to adults. Additionally, children and adolescents express their feelings, process information, and perform differently than adults. Consequently, talk therapy is not always a beneficial intervention tool for the child and adolescent population. Unfortunately, many counselors leave their graduate programs without the appropriate preparation in working with this population. Hence, attending workshops, reviewing literature, and supervision after graduation are imperative to new and old counselors who plan to work with children therapeutically.
Adolescents, especially those between the ages of 12-14, benefit from creative interventions, such as play and music counseling (Meany-Walen, Kottman, Bullis, & Taylor, 2015; Smith-Adcock & Tucker, 2017; Swank, 2008). The young adolescent years are a time of change, emotionally and physically. During this time, many adolescents are going through changes, such as puberty, which is likely to bring about an immensity of confusion and concerns. These bodily changes from puberty are quite scary for most adolescents. Thus, it is not uncommon for young adolescents to have mood swings and heightened sensitivity, which leads to acting out and behavioral problems. In addition to puberty, young adolescents…

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