Swot Analysis Of Couleurs Du Monde

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The first tier of target segment for “Couleurs du Monde” focuses on the 18-29 age range, with an income of $30, 000-$50,000 living in and outside of the Williamsburg area. The second tier are individuals between 30-44 age range with an income in the range of $40,000-$80,000, living in and outside of Williamsburg and in the surrounding boroughs. The final tier is 45 and over with an income in the range of $55,000-$90,000 in the surrounding boroughs of New York.
Williamsburg is located in the borough of Brooklyn community district 1, bordering Greenpoint to the north; Bedford–Stuyvesant to the south; Bushwick, East Williamsburg, and Ridgewood, Queens to the east; and Fort Greene and the East River to the west. Its water front offers a spectacular view of Manhattan and the East side river. Williamsburg is one of Brooklyn’s most popular and exciting
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The estimated price charges per guest for an exotic dance are: $15 for five minutes, $20 for ten minutes, and $25 for fifteen minutes and $35 for twenty minutes. Guests will have the option of choosing the exotic package they desire.
Sales and Marketing Strategies
Couleurs du Monde marketing strategy will emphasize the strengths of our company, our products and services. We will position ourselves as an aggressive, innovative company that supplies the market with high-quality food, beverages, entertainment and services.
Upselling is making simple and appropriate suggestions to customers that enhance their meals and increase the guest check. Food and Beverage staff at Couleurs du Monde, will be taught the skill of upselling. For example, a waiter who knows his menu items and prices can increase a guest check by several dollars while improving the overall dining experience by simply suggesting additional items on the menu to go with their meal. Suggestive selling is very important so as to boost food and beverage sales at Couleurs du

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