Will Of God Case Study

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1. Could the will of God be the only guide to which actions are morally right? 1100-1300 words

The question of whether the will of god determines what actions are morally right utimately rests on the assumption that he exists. As there has been no scientific proof on either side of that particular argument, this problem quickly stagnates. It is often left with people agreeing to disagree, or trying to change the other person 's belief to match their own. If god does not exist, then there is clearly no point in acting according to Christian morals. Without the threat of heaven or hell after death, we would most likely form social expectations resembling morals, but they would not be binding. However if we take a philosophical approach and assume
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If anything god says is to be taken as good and true, then he cannot be wrong. If he cannot be wrong, then there is nothing to make his commands right either. For example, if a game was created with the rule that a specific person could never lose, it would be meaningless to say that he is good at that game. No matter how many times he won, there would be no skill or wisdom involved as it is not possible for him to lose (LaFollette, 2007). In this same way there would be no point in worshipping god 's goodness, as it is nothing exceptional if he has no choice but to be …show more content…
if you were take the word of the bible as the source of the will of god, his word is unchanging. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever ” (Hebrews 13:8). God 's will is unchanging, therefore morals are unchanging as well. This argument does become problematic because the bible also states that god is all powerful, and therefore can do anything, which would include changing his word.

Counter arguements

As the divine command theory is logically exhaustive, a supporter must choose one of the above options to follow. However as both of them lead to be false, Divine command theory cannot be supported, and therefore god cannot be the only guide to which actions are right or wrong.

Divine command theory what makes an action right is that god commands it to be done what makes an action wrong is that god commands it not to be done morals cannot change as it is the word of god, society doesn 't matter reasons for actions do not matter, only that the action is

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