Cotton and Bangladesh Essay

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1.1 Background

Precarious topography, political turmoil, and a struggling global economy are tough conditions for any state and do not let alone a young democracy of 160 million citizens, Bangladesh. Despite these problems, Bangladesh’s sustained economic growth becomes all the more impressive. Over the past five years, Bangladesh has enjoyed an average real GDP growth of six percent. It is mostly because of the labor-intensive industries; in particular textiles and garments have fueled growth as Bangladesh’s tremendous reserves of cheap, considerably-skilled labor have attracted foreign investment. Bangladesh is now actually a very important hub of the world’s textiles market.
However, 2011 was a tough year for the
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No national committee on cotton market monitoring:Many ministries are involved with textile sector .Many organizations have great role in this sector.Ministry of Textiles and Jute,Ministry of Agriculture,Ministry of Finance,Ministry of Commerce,Bangladesh Cotton Association,Bangladesh Textile Mills Association,BKMEA,BGMEA,CPD are involved with this issue.To get these ministries and organizations to work together, there is need of a very strong and efficient National Committee.

To much dependency on Indian cotton: Most dependency on Indian cotton is the main reason for present situation of Bangladesh textile industries. The recent ban on cotton export by India has sent a shockwave down the textile industry in Bangladesh.It is the high time to search new sources.
Lack of local production of cotton: Poor production of cotton increases our dependency on imported cotton.
Not many investors in cotton production: Low investments make cotton sector more weak.
Inadequate research and development:There are some organizations that carry out research and development but with limitation of budget and skilled-human resource.
Inadequate well-trained human resource :Inadequate human resource(Appendix-1) is another negative site for the development of cotton sector.
1.3 Objectives
1.3.1 Specific Objective
 To find out important causes of unstable cotton prices.
 To find out the relation between cotton price and

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