Costa Strategics Essay

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Strategic analysis of Costa.

Produce an individual strategic analysis of the above organization- Costa. Should use the secondary sources of information only. The strategic analysis should be written and structured in report style using an appropriate reference convention, table of convention, table of contents, list of figure, diagrams, appendices etc.

This coursework is supposed to be structures as a report. Don’t explain what each model is about. Don’t discuss on the models. Just implement them for the company/ industry/ market you have selected, always trying to adopt the correct perspective for each one of them.

Executive Summary: The last to write. In ten lines, summarize everything you have done
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Macro-factors are interconnected to the company in an indirect way.
Porter’s Five Forces: Evaluate the level of threat coming from the Industry for the company you analyse, and specifically the level of threat coming from our direct competitors (evaluate the level of competition in the industry), potential competitors (evaluate how much easy is for a new company to enter the industry), substitutes (evaluate how much easy the consumer can substitute our product/ service), suppliers (evaluate the negotiating power of suppliers – how much the company depends on them), customers (evaluate the negotiating power of customers – how much the company depends on them).
Pentagonal Analysis: This analysis goes after P5F, we transfer our results from P5F to the relevant diagram to illustrate the overall attractiveness of the industry.
Industry Life Cycle: Evaluate in which phase of the cycle the INDUSTRY as a whole your company belongs is at the moment. You can differentiate between different markets. For example for computers industry you can say that in Western World the industry has reached maturity, but for Asia markets the industry is still in growth.
Strategic Group Analysis: Evaluate the positioning of the company’s competitors in the map you will assemble. Find two variables to describe the industry (eg. Price and number of stores). Why these two variables you have chosen are the most important ones for the industry? How exactly will you measure them?

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