Cost of Capital Essay

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Cost of Capital
Definition: cost of capital is the rate of return that a company must earn on its project investments to maintain its market value and attract funds. The cost of capital to a company is the minimum rate of return that is must earn on its investments in order to satisfy the various categories of investors, who have made investments in the form of shares , debentures and loans. The cost of capital in operational terms refers to the discount rate that would be used in determining the present value of the estimated future cash proceeds and eventually deciding whether the project is worth undertaking or not. It is defined as "the minimum rate of return" that a firm must earn on its investment for the market value of the firm
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The preference share holders have to be paid their fixed dividends before any distribution of dividends to the equity shareholders. Their dividends are not allowed as an expense for the purpose of taxation. In fact, the preference dividend is a distribution of profits of the business. Because dividends are paid out of profits after taxes, the question of after tax or before tax cost of preference shares does not arise as in case of cost of debentures.

Cost of Irredeemable preference shares : Irredeemable preference shares are those shares issuing by which the company has no obligation to pay back the principal amount of the shares during its lifetime. The only liability of the company is to pay the annual dividends. The cost of irredeemable preference shares is:

Cost of Redeemable preference shares:
Redeemable preference shares are those shares which have a fixed maturity date at which they would be redeemed.

Cost of equity Capital : The cost of equity capital is the minimum rate of return that a company must earn on the equity financed portion of its investments in order to maintain the market price of the equity share at the current level. The cost of equity capital is rather difficult to estimate because there is no definite commitment on the part of the company to pay dividends. However, there are various approaches for computing the cost of equity capital. They

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