Cost Of Stress Essay

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The Cost of Stress
Many people know that stress is the cause for many mental and physical health problems. However, knowing what stress is and what it can specifically cause is very important. Almost everyone has stress in their lives, but people with prolonged stress are at a higher risk for mental and physical diseases and illnesses. Stress can affect your everyday life through your mental health and physical health through disease and many other factors. Stress affects mental health via behavior, cognitive abilities, and emotional health. Stress affects physical health via most, if not all of the body’s systems for example, integumentary, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems.
To begin with, defining stress and why it’s
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Behavior is affected by stress many different ways. Steven Bressert who wrote “The Impact of Stress” tells us that common signs of stress in behavior include things like, avoiding other people due to crankiness, not setting time aside to do things you enjoy like hobbies, general sense of feeling alone, and not spending time with friends and family. Not only is stress affecting the person who has it, it affects the people around them as well. According to the journal “Stress” by the University of Maryland people who have a good support system of friends and family are more likely to be happy even if they do have a stressful life. So, when people are stressed and they stop interacting with their family’s they are actually making the situations worse for them. When stressed behavior can be altered negatively and it not only effects you, it effect people around …show more content…
Integumentary system is effected by stress and is usually one of the most noticeable body systems effected by stress. The integumentary system is simply the skin. When someone experiences major stress their blood is pulled into all of the major organs and away from your skin.This can cause your palms to become clammy. The body does this because the body is expecting to attain an injury (“Stress”).The hormones that are secreted when stressed makes your skin produce extra oil which can cause breakouts. Due to hormones your body thinks it’s trying to protect, but at the end of the day it can lead to stress being obvious to more than just

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