Cost Of Living Essay

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Have you ever sat down and noticed how much the world is steadily changing each day?
How prices have reached their peak, how the ease and accessibility of technology has taken over, and how conservativeness within entertainment is now nonexistent? Studies suggest that, “1978 was the year that the world 's quality of life reached its peak, after which it has gradually deteriorated ever since.” If one was to compare and contrast the years 1978 and 2016 he would notice a drastic difference in the cost of living, the ease of staying in the now through technology, and how conservativeness in now nonexistent.
The cost of living in present times has increased so excessively that it makes living day to day virtually impossible. The prices of basic
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In present times that’s plummeted to less than
6 percent. This goes to show that the current cost of living is greatly exceeding the rate of pay for the average American unlike that of 1978.
In 2016 economy is so technology based that many of America’s workers have lost jobs due to the declining need for human labor. Upon my last visit to a restaurant I sat at the table for
10 minutes with no waiter in sight. I noticed an iPad sitting to my left. Out of curiosity I tapped the screen and to my surprise this was my waiter. The new wave is no longer having a human waiter take your order the order is placed through the piece of technology at the table and a human brings it to the table when it’s finished. The waiter doesn’t receive a tip for this service which decreases the amount of money he/she takes home at the end of the night. Technology has also affected the quality time that a family spends together. In recent years the norm now is to sit in the same room while communicating with individuals in other parts of the country. Over 75% of the average person’s time is spent looking at their phone. The need for actual human social interaction is bare to none. When growing up I remember car rides to the country, sitting on
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The children’s television shows are no better with the subliminal sexual innuendos being placed right in their faces. Growing up I remember watching Different Strokes with my family. The wholesomeness of that show compared to a Love and Hip Hop’s is nearly impossible to do. In 1978 on television the shows had substance and taught you a lesson with every episode. Today’s television teaches you how to cause chaos. In the words of family guy,
“It seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on T.V, but where are those good old fashioned values on which we used to rely.” The fun and melodic theme song of a current cartoon should cause one to think about how television has changed drastically over the course of time from 1978 to 2016.
This collection of information establishes the claim that 1978 was a greater year to be in
America. 2016 has been a year of tragedy, dismay, and confusion as far as what is being aired on the television. The cost of living in 1978 was far more of an achievable goal for families to obtain. Jobs were secured in that point of time from lack of the new technology. If we continue to allow this to happen imagine how life will be in 2056 for the average

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